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Hi, I am Kim. The purpose of my blog is to share my very special story. An honest tale of being a mother and everything that comes with it. And if my blog will inspire or encourage at least one person, I will be very happy to know my sleepless nights with the laptop weren’t for nothing.

The 6 Best Baby Jumpers In 2020

Baby jumpers are a great way to keep a baby safely happy and entertained while letting parents have both hands free for a few precious moments. Babies love being able to bounce themselves up and down, and for many babies, a jumper is a good way to get some exercise.   Best Baby Jumper: Fisher-Price…

By Kim Larson December 1, 2018 Off

The 7 Best Baby Walkers In 2020

Choosing the right baby walker for your precious little one isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. The very first time that you see your little bundle of joy take their first steps with the help of their baby walker is a huge milestone. And while it’s definitely true that you can find a…

By Kim Larson November 30, 2018 Off

The 10 Best Baby Gates For Stairs In 2020

Baby gates are an essential part of child safety in your home, but their usefulness doesn’t end there. Many people also use baby gates to contain and protect pets, keep children away from unwanted areas when traveling or visiting family, or simply make child care easier by keeping your little ones in a specific area.…

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